Animal Careers Without Touching Animals (much of the time)

There are many careers that benefit animals that don't involve handling them (at least much of the time). A partial list follows. Write me if you would like us to add others. Some of the jobs overlap with the ones on the other list. The emphasis is on pet-related careers but we include other animal-related jobs as well.

These Jobs Can Be



At a desk or moving around

Working from home

Examples of Settings that Can Have an Animal-related Mission

Colleges and universities (ex, research labs)






Professional associations

Advertising firms

Law firms (specialized)

Animal hospitals

Insurance (Pet) companies


Online sales


Examples of Jobs*

For example, specialized social workers can help people overcome the death of their pets. More examples: sales of animal-related products; handling finances for veterinary hospitals; writing grants to raise money so shelters can save  animals; and being deans of students at veterinary schools (vet degree not usually required). You can make a difference and help animals without ever touching one.


Animal activist (community-based or PETA)

Baker/Cook, animal food and treats

Collector and seller of animal-related items (such as Breyer horses and Steiff stuffed animals)

Customer service

Entrepreneur, your own firm

Database management, IT, App developer

Finance for a shelter, animal hospital or private company that is animal affiliated

Fundraiser/Grant writer for a shelter

Human resources

Insurance sales/Adjuster (pet insurance)

Journalist, issues about animals


Nonprofit administrator--overseeing volunteers, service animal organizations, and more

Pet company sales, for example for a company that makes treats or pet toys

Pet insurance sales

Pet law--lawyer

Policy/Budget analyst--legislation affecting animals

PR (Public relations), including social media

Shelter manager

Special events manager to call attention to animal causes, eg, need for adoption

Teacher, animal husbandry or other
Writer (also see Journalist), fiction and nonfiction

*Most links describe professions but may not be specific to pets.

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